"Only an independent, tenant-only broker can find all the spaces that work, do an honest, unbiased comparison of them with the tenant, and negotiate with two or more landlords simultaneously to find the actual market conditions at any given moment"

YSPACE is a single service, hands-on real estate consulting firm. Single in the sense that we only represent tenants seeking commercial space in Manhattan.  Hands on in that we believe no website image or photo can really convey the true qualities of a commercial space. It really has to be seen and "touched", if you will.  

We are a group of mature, highly trained real estate experts with a variety of life experiences and expertise in various other fields so we can better understand your office needs and more effectively assist in finding as close to the ideal space for you as possible. Vincent Sheehan, President of NYSPACE and Vincent Sheehan, Inc. has represented Tenants only for over thirty five years, has extensive lease negotiating experience as well as a broad knowledge of buildings, spaces and the various districts and neighborhoods of Manhattan.   Usually, there exist several spaces that can work well for a specific tenant. Only an independent, tenant-only broker can find all of these, do an honest, unbiased comparison of them with the tenant, and negotiate with two or more landlords simultaneously to find the actual market conditions at any given moment, find the most number of choices and the best possible terms. Although many say they are "tenant reps", most sales people and brokers work directly for landlords or act as landlord agents (leasing agents) for specific buildings or space.   They have product to sell and do it well. A small percentage pursues tenant work, but given the opportunity will also represent landlords. Unbiased information is what you need to make an intelligent business decision concerning your company's space, not a sales pitch. And that's what NYSPACE does best.

The landlords, anxious to lease their space, pay our commission, so there is no fee to you, the tenant. To avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, we totally disclose our role to everyone. We believe it is difficult to wear two hats; to properly do the work for a commercial tenant there should be no question as to where your representative's loyalties lie. Therefore NYSPACE does not take exclusive agencies from landlords. What we really do is provide as much raw information and then bring you and the landlords together. This is particularly important in this somewhat uncertain climate of falling stock markets and changing rents for commercial real estate.

You don't need us telling you what your company needs - you already know that. We do listen and try (successfully most of the time) to give you all the relevant data you need to make an intelligent business decision.

Because every broker has every listing and the owners find it in their best interest to pay our fee (see HOW MANHATTAN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE WORKS), it makes little sense for a tenant to use a Landlord's broker who has a product to "sell". It all becomes very confusing and it's difficult to know whom, if anyone you can trust. Although most commercial brokers in Manhattan are very professional, real estate brokers generally have long had difficulty with their credibility. Since we have no buildings to push (product) we depend heavily on referrals and repeat business - and if this lone is the test, then we are very successful. As tenant-only brokers we can present to you every available space with no conflict of interest, compare them fairly and honestly, and do this at no cost to you. We have nothing to sell but information and our expertise - in other words, service and reputation rather than selling product. We will find the best space for you -- period!

That's ALL we do. And we do it better than any firm or individual in Manhattan - bar none! So, if you're a tenant looking for space in Manhattan, please interview us. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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